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Not Aloha Friday

Posted on: October 23, 2009

I wanted to do Aloha Friday.  I really did.  I love going to everyone’s site & reading & answering their questions.  Some are funny, some are serious & even occasionally some are well, maybe a little bit odd.  (did I really just write that?!)  AND Kailani has just had her baby!  How awesome is that?  I really missed doing Aloha Friday when I was taking my blogging break too.  But.  And this is big.  Princess Diva is sick.  And I think Hubby is too.  If you think that parenting a princess diva is hard wait until you add a sick hubby into the mix.  My life will never be the same again.

See it’s like this.  Hubby is great.  He wants to just be sick on his own & stay on the computer or watch movies.  However he also wants to have no attention.  As in let me complain & tell you how sick I am but don’t even think of trying to so much as offer me a tylenol.  I know this doesn’t sound bad but trust me when I say that it is.  It gets really annoying.  At least Princess Diva is a pretty good patient.  All she wants to do is watch tv, put together the occasional puzzle w/ me or even play a game.  Sometimes we can even paint little ceramic things together.  But amazingly she’s not whinny when she’s sick.  That actually is something she does both before & after an illness.  I hear things like “why does this happen to me?”  “Prince Valiant/Sullen never gets sick”  (He does but his thing is usually pretty bad headaches).

Yep, I’m whineing.  I know it’s bad but I really hate it when Hubby gets sick.  I just don’t get the time to do things like Aloha Friday or even vacuum.  (darn about the vacuum thing.  really)  Hey, wait.  Maybe there IS something good about Hubby being sick.

Oh & no.  I still don’t have this thing called my blog worked out but I’ll hang in there.  It has to work out somehow, right?


5 Responses to "Not Aloha Friday"

I hope everyone in your household feels better!

Sorry to hear about all the sickies. MM and my husband are both mildly sick, too, but it’s really so mild it’s hardly worth complaining about. We’ve DEFINITELY seen worse – lol

Hang in there!

I really do understand the hating hubby being sick. There is something about when your Dad is sick I keep thinking why isn’t it just me??? I mean I know what I can do to feel a bit better or whatever. And if it helps you at all, he doesn’t want pampering except when he wants it. I know it doesn’t make any sense but that is the way it has always been. He is a good guy and doesn’t complain a lot but still drives a person nuts. Good luck in getting your household better.

By the way, Princess Diva is much like her Mom when she was a little gal.

Love ya,

I’m sorry your family is under the weather right now. Hope they’re all feeling better soon. Take care of yourself, too!

I hope everyone is feeling better! My hubs is the biggest baby when he’s sick. He always has it the worst, he won’t just lay down and go to sleep…

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