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Strike throughs rule!

Posted on: October 14, 2009

This is the one where I vent about my blog host blog.  See what I did right there w/ that strike through?  That’s really one of the only cool things about this.  I’m probably going to get booted off of here for saying this but blogger was ever so much easier to use.  Other than strike throughs & word clouds.  Even after lots of people explained them I still am not certain how to do them on blogger but on wordpress it’s an automatic little button/widget.  So that part is neat.

But Susan?  Why are you so upset?  Um, could it be because I can no longer publish photos even though I have lots of memory left?  Nothing will publish now.  Plus trying to publish is sometimes hard.  It took me three times once just to get a post to publish (yeah, pushing the “publish” button doesn’t always work!)  I realize that I have “mom brain” to the extreme but seriously?  I really feel stupid sometimes trying to get things to publish.  Just in the last 4 days I’ve tried to publish 3 things.  Only one actually worked.  I save the drafts, I hit publish, I follow the cues for publishing photos.  What?!  If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m really loving that my inlaws have no clue to my blog ( someone else told them before) I would go back to blogger.  I’ve even thought of creating a new blog but if you hit user profile it shows all of the blogs you have.  Yep, not what I’m wanting to do.

So.  What’s a whiney, 40 something, feeling stupid woman to do?  I don’t even know if this will publish but has anyone else had problems like this?  What am I doing wrong?  UGHHGHGHGHGHG!!!!!


16 Responses to "Strike throughs rule!"

This is why I will never leave Blogger.

Sure, rub it in! *g*

Is there any way you could be annoymous? Without being able to be traced back to your old one? Yes, I am strangely incompetent when it comes to these things. What can I say, I’m a few hundred years behind techology!!

Love ya,

Only if I change the way I sign in. I’m seriously considering it & well, you’ve heard me moan & groan about this.

love ya too

I’m pretty baffled because I don’t find WordPress that hard or unreliable although I am pretty tech savvy. I’m sorry you aren’t enjoying it here in the wordpress pond. I hope you can resolve the issues and / or find something that works for you. Just as a tip, I’d recommend hosting your photos somewhere else like at flickr or picasa and just linking to them in your posts.

Thanks for the tips, Jen. I seem to remember you mentioning flickr before as a great way to put photos on your blog. I just seem to be having troubles all around. I’m still plodding away though.

Awesome blog!

I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

Thanks, Savannah. You’re pretty funny! Start your own blog. It’s lots of fun. Really….. lol, I do mean it!

I had some real “learning curve” problems in the beginning. I hadn’t had any kind of blogging experience before so I did WordPress because it seemed to be easily hosted by GoDaddy. I’m doing better now.

I have found that it’s much, much easier to post the photos in “html” rather than the “visual”. It’s also much easier to move them around if you don’t like where they are. I haven’t had any luck posting pics from “visual” but that may just be me and my total lack of experience.

Hope things get better for you. I know it’s frustrating not to know what to do next.

Welcome! And thanks for the tips. I’ll keep hanging in here because my inlaws don’t have this address & someday I’ll feel comfy w/ it. I’m just not that into tech I guess.

I love wordpress…let me know if there’s a specific issue you are having. I find it much easier than blogger, and find that it allows you to do so much more…

Thanks, Lz. I know that if I just keep going it will all work but I’m more of a monkey see, monkey do type of person so it’s just harder. Too many reasons to leave this one.

Oh & I knew it was you but thanks for clarifying!

That was me, LZ @ My Messy Paradise…

Well, you could do what I did for my blog from blogger, I went to google mail and totally created a new email and a new person/new family. You know my name on there…it’s nothing like my real name. The only problem is that my comments get sent to my gmail account, so I just skip that comment moderation option through my email and go straight to viewing my blog and moderate them there. It works…it does!

Yeah, that is what I did on my old one & I did love that. I don’t know. I didn’t want to do a super long post so I didn’t write all but a part of me does like this wordpress blog. Even if it does drive me nuts. I keep telling myself that I will get it. *shrug* Someday.

strike through has its own little thing on the new enhanced blogger
deal too..it is cool pictures are so much easier to upload and place on your blog also!!

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