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Aloha Friday – 9 Oct

Posted on: October 9, 2009

I’d like to welcome you all to another edition of …*drumroll*… Aloha Friday*crowd goes wild* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH This is once again brought to us by the amazing Kailani @ An Island Life!  Thank you, Kailani!!!  The rules are simple.  Answer Kailani’s question, go to your blog & ask your own question, link up to Kailani’s site & then go answer everyone else’s questions.  It’s fun & easy & guess what?  There’s no wrong way to do it.  Well, unless you forget your own question (I’ve done that but we won’t discuss that here!)  And lest I forget, Thank You for coming & visiting me!

I would ask you about H1N1 but I have a feeling that will be a pretty hot topic today.  So instead I want to ask your opinion on what we should do for our upcoming Fall Break.  It starts this coming Monday & my lovely little angels (okay, Prince Valiant/Sullen looks down on me literally but he’s still my “little” one!) will be out of school until the following week.  I’m making arrangements for friends to come over (we live in the boondocks & well, we have to import friends) but there’s still a day or two w/ nothing to do.  So should we –

a) go to Kartchner Caverns

b) go to the Pima Air & Space Museum

c) go to the corn maze that we didn’t get to last weekend

d)  go take the Copper Queen’s mine tour

e)  go back to visit the Tucson Sonoran Desert Museum (had to add that this is an outdoor museum where the exhibits are all live nature things.  It’s absolutely wonderful)

f)  or do we just say to heck w/ it & go swimming @ the local indoor swimming pool?

Well, I’m looking forward to all of your thoughts & can hardly wait to come & answer your questions too.



30 Responses to "Aloha Friday – 9 Oct"

lol Oh my word.. all those things seems like fun!!! I wonder what they would enjoy the most.. probably the corn maze? My son is 5 and I took him to a museum not to long ago..and he was so bored lol AHHHH!

I say corn maze:) I think it’s fun:)


*came here via An Island Life

I always love the corn mazes. that’s my pick. they are only during this season, so it is a special seasonal activity.

Hmm, I really have no idea – they all sound like fun! 🙂

Wow! Whatever you pick it sounds like fun. I’d say do the mine tour one day and swimming the other. Swimming, because it’s so easy, little prep, relaxing, and fun for everyone. The mine tour was just a random pick.

Not being from your area, all of those items sound fabulous. Wise choice not writing about H1N1. I am just getting over a week of battling it and now my son is fighting it. Not a nice virus at all.

Oh! I like E, best. They all sound lovely, though. I hope you have fun whichever u do!

I think the corn maze would be my top pick. They all sound fun though!

Head to the corn maze…fun!!

I would go to the corn maze!

I like the corn maze idea!

If the weather is nice I’d do the corn maze! Those are so much fun!!

I’d go to the caverns! That sounds like fun to me.

my suggestion is the corn maze. it looks fun and more season appropriate!
i’m so jealous you have so much options! there’s not much like those in our part of the world, which is in the middle of nowhere!

I have finally excepted that it is fall and since I am in a fall mood the corn maze sounds really fun.

I vote for the corn maze too. I went to one and it was soooo much fun!

Wow, those ALL sound like a lot of fun. Can you do everything??? 😉

I lived in Tucson for a while. While going to UofA 🙂 I vote for the corn maze. How fun 🙂

Space museum sounds really great 🙂
The photo of the eye on my blog is not mine 🙂

They all sound like great ideas to me. If I were choosing for me, I’d probably pick the mine tour. But choosing for kids is totally different. Corn mazes are only around for a short time. And they get to run and scream and burn off a lot of energy. So for kids, I’d choose the corn maze.

Corn maze! I’d like to do that this weekend, too!

PIMA…we’ve been there lots and love it. Then again, my husband is a pilot so we might be biased!


C – I have always wanted to go to a corn maze!

I say the corn maze…
I always wanted to do that…

I would definitely go to the Corn Maze especially if it’s only seasonal. The Copper Queen’s Mine Tour is very intriguing and the Tucson Sonoran Desert Museum would be a must for my family.
Have a wonderful holiday!

They all sound interesting, but I’d choose the Corn maze and swimming 🙂

The corn maze does sound fun and I bet your kids would love it but the swimming would be great too. Now just how many can you work in. Just think do lots and they will really love you doing so much for them. Let’s see isn’t that how it works????

Good luck, sounds fun – wish we could be there. Your Dad is still working, not sure when he’s going to stop. I think if they had their way, they’d keep him indefinitely in a temp position. Nice to be loved!

Love to you all,

I say go to the pool while you can. The weather will be really cold soon!

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