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Aloha Friday

Posted on: October 2, 2009

I’m back!  It’s Friday & that means time for Aloha, baby.  Time to relax & just chill as we slide on into the weekend.  If you’ve never played before head on over to Kailani’s & link up.  Then ask a question on your site plus don’t forget to check out & answer everyone eles’s questions too.

In honor of my return to blogging I have something so seriously mind bending that everyone is going to ask “Susan, what were you thinking?!”

To clean your tile, hardwood, linolium, laminate, parquet or anything else that isn’t carpet.  Do you use a broom or a vacuum?  Inquiring minds want to know & by that I mean me, of course!  lol

Out here in the boondocks where we don’t even have grass, I need to vacuum or sweep pretty much daily if I want to keep my house looking even semi decent.  But!  I haven’t decided if I prefer vacuuming or sweeping.

There you have it.  The hard hitting, investigative angle.  To sweep or vacuum?  That is totally the question!



50 Responses to "Aloha Friday"

Before moving here and having this stupid carpet all over the place, we used to have linoleum… but even then i used to vacuum and then mop around:) It was more fun than vacuuming on carpet now:P

*coming here via An Island Life

I miss having carpet. My home is almost entirely tile & that gets old. Plus since we have no grass I’m constantly “dusting” the floor. Sigh… I miss grass. Anyway I do mop but try to keep it to twice a week since I can’t stand to mop. How silly is that?

Have a great weekend.

I use the broom for daily cleaning, and the vacuum before I mop.

thanks for the comment. I tried to sweep before but it all catches on my tile so vacuuming wins it. & yep, the mop comes out a couple of times a week too. *g* A woman’s work is truly never done, is it?

Happy Friday to you!

I vacuum and then for the deep clean I will go over it with my Shark steam mop to sterilize. But I only do it when I can find the time, lol!

Wow, that is impressive. No mops or mop water to deal w/. Sounds like every woman’s dream!

Have a great weekend. Aloha!

Since I have all hardwood floors thoughout my home, I started using a dry mop and then a Shark Steam Mop.

Most of my floors are tile so I vacuum & then twice a week I mop. I’m thinking though that I really want to check out this Shark Steam Mop. Sounds like a wonderful invention!

Happy Friday to you!

I sweep my linoleum and vacuum my carpet. Boring, I know…. 🙂

Happy Aloha Friday!

I use a dust mop. The kind that has removable pads. Then I spay the floor with a cleaner and damp mop it. It work for me. I really love this new product “Bona” it’s a Swedish product. here’s the link http://www.mybonahome.com/Home.aspx

I have a similar system that I brought back from Germany but the tile we have is kinda rough & bumpy & it doesn’t work as well. I used to love my sweeper/mop like that though. I’ve even held on to it in the hopes that we might redo the floors in here! How sad is that. I might have to try their actual cleaner though. I like the way it’s made. Thanks for letting me know about it.

Happy Friday to you!

I sweep and then run the swiffer over it.

Man, I miss using my swiffer! I ended up giving it to my dad because my tile is kinda rough & bumpy & the swiffer just couldn’t cut it.

Thanks for visiting! Happy Friday to you.

I am all about the vacuum these days. Of course this weekend I am going to try to take my mother’s steam cleaner to really clean our hardwood floors.

A few other people have mentioned steam cleaning their wooden/tile or laminate floors. I’m thinking I need a steam cleaner too. Man, to not have to scrub my arms off would be heaven! lol

Have a wonderful weekend!

I would much rather vacuum than sweep. I vacuum my floors first before ever mopping.

Me too! Although I don’t mop as often as I sweep. Some of the others made the comment that they use a steam mop or steam cleaner instead of a regular mop. I didn’t think of it but having the steam do the work for me sounds heavenly!

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely weekend & thanks for coming to visit!

I prefer vacuuming – as the mess is disposed of immediately (until I empty it anyway) not that I do much of either.

I definitely prefer sweeping.

You’re a sweeper gal? I gotta ask. How much of an area do you sweep? I think, okay, I know, I would go nuts trying to do my house. The only carpet is in the bedrooms & man, that’s a lot of tile so I take the easy way out w/ the vacuum. lol, what else is there if not the easy way! kidding.

Have a great weekend. & I think I said it before but I’m so glad that you were able to follow me over!!

we do both depending on what the floor type is

LOL I live in the boondocks too! Dirt is always on my hardwood floors, I have to sweep multiple times a day. That said, I prefer vacuming! With sweeping I have to mop for me to feel like it is clean, vacuming is just one step 🙂

I have mostly hardwood and a couple of rooms of carpet. I usually vacuum, but I use a dust mop too. I should do this every day with all the dog hair. But it’s usually only about one a week!

I think sweeping is earier then vacuuming so I would say sweeping.

i am a vacuum lover. i have two orecks. i love them. they suck up all the dog hair and dust bunnies. we have hardwoods throughout the house, so it gets messy. at times i miss carpeting. aloha and take care.

I say hire a maid. Let them make the decision LOL

I prefer using a broom because I am too afraid of damaging my floors with a vacuum. But there are some nice new ones on the market today that say they won’t damage your floors.

I still vacuum no matter what the surface. 😉

I always vacuum and I have hard wood and two dogs. I don’t feel like sweep gets me anywhere. The key is to have a vacuum that does will on hard surfaces. It took me a while to find that but once I did I was happy.

I think you’ll need both. There will be times when you want to do a quick vacuum and another time when you’ll just want to sweep. sometimes the good old sweep gets it done while giving you good exercise.

We have mostly hardwood so I vacuum and then use the swiper at times. With three cats and a dog I have to vacuum quite a bit!

I would sweep then mop in order to feel like it’s clean. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


carpet calls for a vaccum… everything else is swept and swiffered

I think vacuuming tends to be more effective 🙂

I actually use a Swiffer on my wood floors. And I’ll vacuum with the hose to get any extra bits that won’t pick up with the Swiffer.

when i have to choose – i always go sweep b/c I can do that and not wake my sleeping baby 🙂

I hate sweeping. We have linoleum throughout the house with area rugs. I have a wonderful vacuum that has an attachment for doing the non carpeted floors, its my lifesaver and its so much faster than sweeping.

I prefer vacuum and considering I have mostly carpet I guess that’s good. I do know that I don’t want hardwood floors as we had them when we were first married and sweeping was the only way to do them (of course, we didn’t have the “modern” things of today). But I retrogress, I like the way vacuuming pulls all of the yuck off the floor unless it’s wet. Good to see you!!

Love ya,

I use both actually. It just depends what is on hand. Either way it’s my least favorite thing to do.

I use my Swiffer Vac. It’s so easy to use!

I usually sweep because when I vac it terrifies my dogs.

We usually just vacuum when we’re doing the rest of the house. If there is a mess in between, I use the dust buster or a Swiffer.

I’ve always swept, but I just got a new vac that’s good on bare floors too. I love that now!

vacuum I think sweeping just moves things around, but I do love swiffers!

vacuum… and i hate it =)

I sweep, then mop. Maybe I will try vaccuming next time! It would probably get more of it up~

I don’t really know for sure… because The Hubs is the one who cleans the kitchen floor tile… TeeHee. I have seen him use a Swiffer, and our Hoover steam cleaner. I know he doesn’t use a broom. I have cleaned up spills that I make with spray cleaner and paper towels. We are totally looking for a really good cleaner for the grout… Next time we get tile in the kitchen, it is going to be sealed… The grout looks awful in the kitchen.
As for the rugs, I know he uses the vacuum, because the dog comes running everytime he turns on “The Beast”.
I know, I am spoiled!!

Broom. I sweep then mop. The vacuum never seems to do a good job

Thanks for swinging by the IE Mommy’s Aloha Friday!

Thanks for the comment on my blog today.. clean.. I don’t clean.. it is easier that way! lol jk

I can’t believe what schools are doing, I talked to my friend who works at our school and she said, their are 15 in one class confirmed swine flu cases alone.. and with you, not even a note saying it is at the school.. I think parents have the right to know. My friend says they don’t want to panic the parents, but I tell you over half that school will be out by next week.. lovely.. have a great night~

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