Hello, My Name is Susan


Posted on: September 26, 2009

I thought that when I started this new blog that I would need to reinvent myself.  Turns out that after a little bit of soul searching I realized that I am me.  Figurative warts & all.  I am someone who has lived for 42 yrs & w/ that comes joy, pain, love, heartache, happiness, sorrow & many more things that are just a part of living.  For the most part I like me.  I don’t necessarily always like where I’m @ or what I’m doing but I have learned that I have to like me.  No matter what anyone else thinks.

This blog is about me.  My thoughts, my dreams, my desires & whatever else I can come up w/.  This blog is not accepting criticism from anyone else.  If you can’t support me & who I am than please, go find another blog that fits you better.  This goes for anyone.  My goal is not to hurt anyone or to make anyone uncomfortable but I will be publishing my views.  I have to be true to me.


4 Responses to "Hello!"

Did you just migrate over? Where’s the old stuff? Welcome to WordPress…
So true, if you aren’t yourself in your posts, it comes through. Good luck starting the new site!

Welcome, LZ! Yep, just migrating over & nope, not bringing anything w/ me. I’m keeping that blog but still trying to decide what to do w/ it.

Thanks for visiting!

Definitely be true to yourself! Congrats on the new blog, I hope you like it here at WordPress. I love it! 🙂

Very brave of you to start over again. 🙂

Was your other blog WP, too?

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